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Tina Jackson is a wardrobe stylist and image consultant born and raised in Miami, Florida. She holds a bachelors degree in Information Science and English. She went on to work in Atlanta, Georgia for the Federal Library System. Her dream was to become a Lawyer. While there, she developed her creative talents in the fashion industry by volunteering for a local charity that helped teenage girls. The Charity put on Fashion Shows and helped the young girls develop positive self esteem. From then on her love and passion for helping women look and feel beautiful from the inside out grew larger. In 2004, She married Super Bowl MVP, Dexter Jackson. As her family grew larger, her enthusiasm to become an entrepreneur grew greater as well. Her and Dexter became parents to 4 beautiful girls. That was a sign that she needed to use her gift of inspiring girls and women in the beauty industry!

Back In 2007, Tina Jackson owned her own women's clothing boutique. High Maintenance, with it's clich√© title, was actually birthed with a movement to help women create a style personal to each in an effortless way. "I've always believed that the best style is a reflection of all that you are. Being High Maintenance is not always about how much time one spends in the mirror, it could also be a positive description of how much time you spend on developing a style that reflects the best you. For how well we view ourselves is also how well we will be to the world!"

While owning High Maintenance Boutique, Tina started getting involved in the production of charitable fashion shows. Since then, she's maintained her passion for using her talents as a means of giving back by helping to produce shows for Wine Women and Shoes, The Humane Society, Chillounge Night 2 years in a row, and the Children's Dream Fund.

After the market crashed in 2010, Tina closed her boutique and devoted her time to personal shopping for her remaining clients. From there, her brand and company grew larger and more beneficial. She's gained personal borrowing privileges from major department stores such as Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, J Crew and Bloomingdales. Tina also has personal trusting relationships with many local and national boutiques and designers.

Her resume is huge and continues to grow which is such a blessing! She continues to produce fashion shows and editorials for many local, national, Internet, and upcoming magazines.

Some of the local ones include, DuPont Registry, Tampa Style, Parent Magazine, Mod Child, La Petite, etc. Mrs. Jackson also appears at least twice month on the NBC's Network Talk Show, Daytime, as a style consultant and fashion representative.

Her personal clients include corporations such as Disney and Publix. Individuals such as actors, actresses, doctors, lawyers, models, photographers, singers, and many more. She has also styled in commercial settings. To name a few are Rowenta and SunCoast Credit Union.




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